Integrated Logistic Support

Based on our unique IMIS® software, Isherwoods Integrated Logistic Support (IMIS®-ILS) Systems are designed to provide maintenance and supply management for military applications, including ships, tanks, helicopters and military supply base units.


Using an Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS system substantially reduces the risk of operational malfunction and contributes directly to safety and reliability.
The purpose of Integrated Logistic Support is to plan, provide plans, documentation, management systems, training, tools and test equipment to ensure the continued availability and capability of the equipment throughout its design life. In addition, by appropriate analysis to recommend spares support provisioning requirement for a specified term e.g. two years.

Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS uniquely allows configuration management, maintenance management and supply management functions to use common equipment identification codes, making all parts of the System totally integrated.

The IMIS®-ILS systems control both maintenance costs and spare parts inventory levels using a combination of condition-based, predictive and preventive maintenance criteria. This provides a practical, flexible and cost effective approach to maintenance scheduling and work activity.

Good maintenance practice extends the operational hours and service life of all machinery and equipment. When the ILS process is applied to a series of similar equipment the returns on the cost of investing in ILS can be in the order of 30 times its cost over the working life of all the equipment.


When an IMIS®-ILS System is specified Isherwoods will provide a turnkey solution which also includes the following Systems Implementation Services :-

  • Database development
  • Full data analysis and population
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Customer training
  • Post-delivery support
  • Software maintenance and upgrades
  • Technical publications

Logistic Support Analysis

Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) processes form the basic building block for the maintenance management system, supply management system, Special Tools and Test Equipment (STTE) and Initial Provisioning of Stores. LSA is carried out in accordance with the principles defined in Def Stan 00-60.

Projected average operational hours are used as one of the main parameters on which the logistic support analysis and maintenance planning are based.

The outline LSA process consists of the following steps for each system/subsystem/equipment.

  • Develop Equipment Family Tree (EFT)
  • Define LSA Candidates
  • Carry out Functional Failure Analysis (FFA)
  • Carry out Failure Mode, Effect & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Process Availability, Reliability & Maintainability Data (ARM)
  • Carry out Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  • Carry out Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
  • Calculate Life Cycle Cost

Isherwoods Systems allow the customer to specify the extent to which Life Cycle Costing will be applied and the procedures and processes that will be used to derive the information required to populate the Life Cycle Cost model.

Configuration Management

Any large item of military hardware e.g patrol boat, helicopter, will be equipped with a range of mechanical, electrical, electrical distribution, electronic and control equipment. Together these are usually defined in military terms as the CONFIGURATION.

Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS Systems allow military personnel to manage and maintain the Configuration of any military hardware.

Because certain equipment may become obsolete during the life of the item IMIS®-ILS allows the introduction of new equipment and the client can also access historical information on obsolete equipment.

The IMIS®-ILS database stores all data and information relating to individual components, which includes a comprehensive technical specification, configuration status and an itemised list of all related technical references, design data sheets, drawings, etc.

The system also stores task information, labour rates, spare part costs, downtime costs and information relating to preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance tasks.

Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS will maintain a complete history of defect and failure data for all components by tracking and maintaining a full history of maintenance activities carried out.


Maintenance Management

Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS systems allow sites to plan the maintenance workload and co-ordinate and allocate resources in an efficient and timely manner.

In addition to managing the maintenance requirements, the IMIS®-ILS system includes stock inventory management and procurement functions for stock control and replenishment.

Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS uniquely allows configuration management, maintenance management and supply management functions to use common equipment identification codes, making all parts of the system totally integrated.

IMIS®-ILS incorporates condition based, run hour and time-based maintenance types. A survey cycle is integrated into the overall maintenance plan and automatically reschedules maintenance work based on equipment usage and last recorded maintenance completed.

IMIS®-ILS also provides a balanced work plan based on time estimates for each maintenance job and produces comprehensive maintenance instructions and maintenance records.

Isherwoods will incorporate into the system Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) information, or other suitable reliability data, where available.

Stock Inventory Management

Stock Inventory Management using Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS includes the following:-

  • Provisioning support assessments
  • Stock inventory management
  • Illustrated parts catalogues
  • Procurement

A Provisioning support assessment will analyse and recommend the spares support provisioning requirement for the required length of time e.g two years.

Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS Stock Inventory includes features to minimise stock holding requirements. There is a comprehensive procurement module, with order and invoice registration and the ability to handle multiple currencies for budgetary control.

The IMIS®-ILS includes full component listing and illustrated parts images options. The system automatically requisitions predefined inventory items based on assigned re-order levels and current stocks (see also Documentation).

The system is suitable for both consumable stores and spare part stock control, with a full range of analysis reports on current inventory, stock usage and procurements.


Condition Monitoring

Isherwoods can provide a full range of condition monitoring services including provision of all equipment, software, baseline surveys, database preparation, installation, commissioning and training.

Condition monitoring techniques we supply include:-

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Motor Current Signal Monitoring
  • Infra Red Thermograph System

Project Planning

Isherwoods can provide a wide range of project planning services to customers for specific projects e.g. refit and new build programmes. This may include the on-site provision of services from a dedicated project manager and / or provision of calendar based project plans or Gantt charts.



Procurement is fully integrated with Stock Inventory in the IMIS®-ILS and allows procurement functions to be carried out with the minimum of effort.

Procurement includes:-

  • Purchase Request consolidation
  • Bid Sheet Production
  • Quotation Analysis
  • Order Generation
  • Order Progress
  • Stock Receipt
  • Invoice Consolidation
  • Management Analysis

Bid Sheets, Purchase orders and other working documents are provided as templates within the system and customised to user specifications.

Data Communication

Isherwoods IMIS® systems can synchronise their databases with head office installations to allow central management to monitor and control the systems operation across the enterprise.

The sites can transfer data by any electronic means including satellite, landline, GSM or even physical media from site to site, ship to shore, or site to management offices and vice versa at any time, even during times when offices are unmanned.

The synchronisation process does not require on-line connections between sites, which offers great flexibility and reduced communication costs.

This also allows the management office to be remotely located from the operating site and multiple sites can be monitored and analysed from within the one application.


System Implementation Services

As a turnkey solution Isherwoods provide full Systems Implementation Services which include:-

  • Database preparation
  • Full data analysis and population
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Customer training
  • Post-delivery support
  • Software maintenance and upgrades
  • Technical publications

We do all the above either at our Head Office, at the maintained site and / or in the client's central management offices.

Isherwoods database preparation offers data acquisition, data extraction, refinement and data entry. Isherwoods can carry out all the audits required for database production

Our IMIS® Systems are installed and run on standard Microsoft Windows™ platforms. Isherwoods can suggest network configurations and arrange hardware supply as part of our services.

During and following installation of the software, Isherwoods provide full customer training, together with comprehensive user manuals describing operation of the software.

Isherwoods personnel supervise installation of our systems on site and will provide post delivery support to customers by telephone, Email or by on-site assistance if required.

We also provide a range of other training services, software maintenance and upgrades and technical publications - see software and support.


Isherwoods IMIS®-ILS documentation aims to minimise the amount of paper required to administrate the maintenance and supply management functions.

We provide all necessary documentation to operate the systems efficiently, including:-

  • Site Equipment Lists
  • Site Equipment Data Sheets
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Job Information Cards
  • Illustrated Parts Lists

Isherwoods provide the above in hard copy format according to customer requirements, together with the appropriate number of user manuals. We will also design and embed into the database the format and type of report forms required by users of the system.

IMIS®-ILS is capable of tracking and maintaining a full history of maintenance activities carried out on the asset base. A designated user can then review the full history of any item including maintenance and repair costs, labour performance, plant availability and graphical plots of condition measurement / calibration data.

IMIS®-ILS will catalogue and control manual and electronic documents providing full library functionality in the system.